What We Do

At Wood and Wood we are able to see any signage project through from conception to realisation.

What We Do

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Wood and Wood have been designing, manufacturing and installing large scale signage for over 40 years. Our clients include leading brands such as John Lewis, Heathrow, the BBC, HSBC, Carphone Warehouse, Bath City Council and Dixons Store Group.

We believe passionately in working closely with clients to maximise the visibility of signage solutions and our business is entirely built around delivering market leading quality, service and innovation.

Quality – Quality is a concept that is hard-wired into the way we work, from design to production and installation, we are absolutely focused on the delivery of a high quality signage solution.

Service – For most clients, service begins with a relationship with one of our dedicated project managers, however, for Wood and Wood, service runs much deeper. Our entire team are focused on delivering great service to clients, whether at the design, manufacture or installation stage of a project, you will always fine Wood and Wood willing to go the extra mile.

Innovation – Wood and Wood have a reputation for delivering leading-edge signage solutions to clients, whether through the application of new materials, production techniques or simply finding better, more cost effective ways of delivering existing designs and formats.

If you’d like to discuss a potential project or have any questions, our team is always happy to help so please contact us.

Project Management


Our Project Management team have significant experience of working closely with clients to fully understand needs, requirements and expectations.

By providing clients with a dedicated Project Manager, we are able to fully understand a brand, it’s values and how this should translate into a signage solution. Further, by dedicating a Project Manager to each client, we provide a single point of contact, therefore maximising work flow efficiency and minimising the time taken to resolve issues.

Project Managers regularly attend site and client meetings, maintain tracking documents and produce on-going detailed reports so their client can be confident the project remains on track and is delivered on time and within budget – however large or complex the project – every single time.

  • In all honesty, our relationship with Wood and Wood is faultless. There has never been a moment in time when I’ve had to put any pressure on and I think the understanding of the value of their service to their customers is by far one of their greatest strengths. There is no way I would even consider putting it out there to look for somebody else or an alternative.

    Northgate Vehicle Hire

Technical Design

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We have a specialist in house team of technical designers who work closely with our clients’ own design teams to develop appropriate, ‘on brand’ signage solutions with high visibility and stand out.

Our highly trained and experienced designers understand how different materials, manufacturing processes, lighting and effects can determine the outcome of a signage project. The team take concepts and ideas and develop them into technical designs and 3D rendered images. They ensure that concepts are achievable, robust and meet all technical specifications through the use of specialist software. Our designers can also undertake any planning applications that are required, providing thorough plans and designs for approval.

  • I think their strengths definitely are the quality of the signs they produce and being able to work to new and different designs. You can rely on them to produce something that’s going to live up to the design that you’ve come up with.

    Integrity - Centre Parcs



Prototyping is an important element of any job. By utilising 3D modelling software, we are able to review key design concepts prior to manufacture, testing the range of manufacturing techniques open to us to ensure the most appropriate are used.

Prototyping also aids in the costing of a project, allowing us to offer clients options and ensure we match, and wherever possible exceed their expectations.

  • They had a lot of knowledge about different technologies of manufacturing processes we could use to develop the signs and gave us a lot of input in the early stages when we were developing designs and specifications. We wanted to make sure that what we were designing was achievable and they helped by providing samples and mock ups before they were formally appointed. They were very enthusiastic about the project and gave a lot of time and energy.

    Haworth Tompkins - The National Theatre



Manufacture is the beating heart of our business and we are incredibly proud of the fact that nearly all of the signage we produce is made at our dedicated workshops in Exeter. We have the ability on-site to produce highly technical, bespoke signage, no matter what size, including large volume roll-outs for some of the UK’s largest brands.

Unlike many other signage companies, we have all the required skills and processes in house. Our skilled workforce cut, weld, fabricate, paint and print to an exceptionally high standard and there is very little our team cannot create. Many of our bespoke craftsmen have been with the company for years, using artisan skills in metal working and welding. This craftsmanship, when combined with the most up-to-date production technology and art production control software, delivers the exceptional quality, efficiency and leading edge innovation for which we are renowned.

We are proud to be both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited.



  • Working to tight timescales, Wood and Wood’s production expertise allowed them to take an innovative approach and produce a signage system that reflects the contemporary design of Ebbsfleet International. We are delighted with the quality of the end product.

    Transport Design Ebbsfleet International



We operate a dedicated team of installers nationwide who are highly experienced in installing all types of signage whatever the site conditions. The best signs in the world can be ruined by poor installation and that is why every one of our engineers is trained to rigorous standards and is CSCS accredited.

We understand how important the quality of the fitting is and ensure wherever we need to, we utilise specialist access and fixing equipment and ensure all jobs are thoroughly monitored from a health and safety perspective. The team is used to working to tight or critical deadlines and can facilitate out-of-hours working to limit disruption to clients and deliver a perfect job, on time and ready for launch.

  • Wood and Wood’s technical expertise was exceptional, allowing us to push the boundaries and remain faithful to the design.

    Chapman Taylor LLP - St Pancras