A wayfinding sign scheme to provide the City with a clear identity.

Client Bristol

The Bristol Legible City project was a unique wayfinding sign system, developed citywide in partnership with the private sector and Adshel.

The Challenge

Wood and Wood were commissioned to develop a wayfinding sign scheme which provided the City with a clear identity, reinforced the character of its individual neighbourhoods and made attractions better known and easier to find.

Our Solution

A wayfinding sign scheme was developed which reflects the City’s distinctive identity.

The sign structures combine highly durable stainless steel, vitreous enamel and polyester powder coat finishes. They are designed to provide a robust and distinctive feel, as lasting as the materials used for their construction.

The map panels, housed in wayfinding totems are illuminated with a blue strip using low maintenance LED technology, so that they become ‘beacons’ for navigation at night.

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