Signage for a UNESCO World Heritage City.

Client Bath

Bath is the only destination in the UK to have the whole city designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Wood and Wood was commissioned by Bath and North East Somerset Council to manufacture and install a range of wayfinding information totems, pedestrian focal points, bus stops and transportation signage for this historic city centre.

The Challenge

The key challenge for this complex, high-visibility project was the creation of a signage scheme that complemented this world renowned destination and enhanced the experience of the 1 million visitors who stay in Bath and the 3.8 million tourists who visit the city each year.

Our Solution

The project involved a wide range of signage solutions.

We manufactured 16 beautiful, 2.2m wayfinding totems which were clad in pre-aged brass and sited at key points around the city. Each totem has a large, central, circular map made from vitreous enamel and at the top of the totem is a stencil cut, brass inlaid image of a walking man. Graphics were etched and in-filled to provide useful information about the area.

In addition a further 14 smaller totems, measuring 1.9m, were manufactured in a similar way and installed by our specialist teams. The totems are a perfect complement to the unique surrounding Georgian architecture which is crafted from local, honey-coloured Bath stone.

We were also commissioned to supply a number of bus stops which were manufactured from aluminium box section with the outside facing constructed from beautiful, patinated brass panels to complement the surrounding architecture.

Finally, Wood and Wood produced and installed a variety of wall signage with key maps and information for use in other locations around the city. Some of the signage features vitreous enamel maps – with a design resembling the top half of a brass pedestrian orientation point whilst others are glass cabinets surrounded by a brass frame with a digital print applied to the inside of the glass

All glass used in the bus stops and signage is 6mm, toughened, low iron, extra clear float glass with very high light transmission.

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