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Rail group signage

Client Abellio Greater Anglia Rail

The franchisee for Greater Anglia Railway, along with other railway operators across the country, have been requested to remove company branding from their signage and livery. This has necessitated the re-signing of more than a hundred stations along the east coast.

Traditionally, this signage would have been manufactured in Vitreous Enamel, a product famed for durability and high gloss finish, along with it’s high cost and long lead time.

Budgets and lead time would not accommodate vitreous enamel, so a more cost and time efficient method was required. This would have to appear as vitreous enamel as well as being very durable.

The Solution

Research was undertaken and, working with various powder-coatings, vinyl’s and lacquers, a solution was found

The finished signage can be manufactured very efficiently both in terms of cost and time. The signage has achieved the desired look, very much appearing as vitreous enamel. Testing has proved it to be incredibly durable with no detectable change in appearance after 1000 hours of accelerated weather testing.

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